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British Columbia

British Columbia Regulation First Aid Kit Requirements

British Columbia employers are required to have regulation first aid kits in their workplace to assure employee safety. British Columbia workplace first aid requirements as outlined by WorkSafeBC vary depending on the number of employees on staff , the level of risk for injury in the workplace as well the distance from a medical facility. For the most current regulations, refer to the Recommended Minimum First Aid Kit Contents and Schedule 3-A Minimum Levels of First Aid of the British Columbia Occupation Health and Safety Regulations.

British columbia first aid kit contents requirements

First Aid Requirements vary depending on the situation such as:




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BC Regulation First Aid Kits for Businesses Big and Small

Canadian Safety Supplies specializes in helping businesses throughout Canada meet provincial workplace safety requirements. Our line of BC first aid supplies ranges from small, portable kits for mobile worksites; to full first aid kits that exceed British Columbia’s workplace safety requirements. Each kit is designed to contain the products required per British Columbia workplace safety law, and to provide quick access to necessary medical materials.

Navigating provincial regulations can be difficult - if you need help choosing the correct BC regulation first aid kits for your business, give us a call at our toll-free number or browse our Regulations page to find the information and regulations relating to your province. From British Columbia to Montreal, Canadian Safety Supplies is Canada’s premier source for workplace safety first aid kits.

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