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Durable Ebola/Pandemic Personal Isolation Kit for Home or Car

Durable Nylon Bag, Customizable with your artwork

Personal Isolation Kit for Pandemics

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This is a portable isolation kit, for managing or caring for sick individuals using sterile techniques such as recommended by the CDC HICPAC (2007 - III.B.2, p70): standard Droplet Precautions. This kit is to protect from transmission of non-airborne pathogens such as: Ebola Virus, B. pertussis, influenza virus, adenovirus, rhinovirus, N. meningitides, and group A streptococcus, among others, that are transmitted by bodily fluids such as vomit, blood,mucus, diarrhea, etc.. This equipment is not suitable protection from airborne pathogens.

This is a single-use kit. All protective gear must be placed inside the Biohazard Waste bag as soon as it is removed, then clean hands and any exposed skin with the Hand Sanitizer wipes. Should any potentially contaminated liquids have come into contact with skin, use the POV-Iodine wipes to scrub the area thoroughly. Then place the used wipes in the Biohazard bag, seal it, and dispose of it safely. Then wash again with soap and water.

This portable kit is recommended for such uses as in the home or car, Taxis, Buses, and any commercial purpose where a durable, portable single-use Isolation Kit might be needed, such as personal protection in the event of a pandemic. A version of this kit is also available in an a sealed Ziplock bag. Please contact us for bulk pricing, or for imprinting.

Durable Nylon bag, can be customized with your artwork.
6" x 3.5" x 2"

1 isolation gown1 pair surgical shoe covers3 hand sanitizer wipes
1 pair goggles1 ear-loop face mask4 Povidone-Iodine prep pads
2 pairs Vinyl gloves1 Biohazard Waste bag

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