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View Eye Wash Station Solutions, Portable Eye Wash Stations, & More With Health Canada Approved First Aid Supplies

Your safety is our top priority here at Canadian Safety Supplies. We understand that your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body, which is why we offer a large range of Health Canada eye safety products to protect your vision in any case of emergency. We also provide single and double eye wash stations, portable eye wash stations, eye wash solutions, eye pads, safety glasses, eye wound treatment kits, and more!

Single eye wash stations are an essential safety feature in any workplace that handles chemicals or hazardous materials such as laboratories. They are designed to quickly and effectively flush any contaminants from your eye. Our single eye wash station bottles (that come in 500ml or 1L) are easy to install and operate to your existing wall mount, and they deliver a gentle stream of water to the affected eye. They are also designed to be durable with high plastic construction which ensures that they are always ready when you need them.

We also carry hefty eye wash station solutions that come in 4L quantities and equipment for larger areas and easier access, like our eyewash waste tank for 16-gallon stations and our stand that is also for your 16-gallon stations.

Eye wash solutions are an important part of any eye safety kit. They are specially formulated to neutralize and wash away any harmful chemicals or irritants that may come into contact with your eyes. Our eye wash solutions are gentle, non-toxic, and effective, making them ideal for use in any workplace or home environment. We also carry eye wash concentrate as an additive solution that prevents bacteria from forming on your stations; each of our bottles can preserve between 5 and 20 gallons of potable water.

Double or triple eye wash station bottles are a must-have in any high-risk workplace. They provide twice or thrice the protection of a single eye wash station, making them ideal for large industrial facilities, labs, and chemical plants. These eye wash bottles are designed to be replacement bottles for your highly visible and easy-to-locate eye wash stations. They are also all wall mountable.

Portable eye wash stations are ideal for workplaces where a fixed eye wash station is not practical. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for use in remote locations or on job sites. Our portable eye wash stations are equipped with a ready-to-use system that provides a continuous flow of water to the affected eye to relieve burning, stinging, itching, and other pain to the affected eye.

Sterile eye pads are another essential component of any eye safety kit. They are designed to be used in any eye injury care or medical application. Our eye pads are made from soft, breathable materials that will not irritate your eyes. They are also highly absorbent and non-stick, making them ideal and convenient for use in first-aid situations.

Safety glasses are an essential part of any personal protective equipment (PPE) kit. They are designed to protect your eyes from flying debris, dust particles, and harmful chemicals. Our safety glasses are Health Canada approved and come in a range of styles and sizes to fit any face shape. They are also designed to be comfortable and lightweight, ensuring that you can wear them all day without discomfort.

Check out our full list of safety glasses and PPE here.

Eye wound treatment kits provide immediate first-aid treatment for eye injuries with the utmost convenience. They are essential to any workplace or home first aid kit. Our eye wound treatment kits are equipped with 1 plastic eye shield, 1 plastic eye cup, 5 single-use eye wash solution bottles, and 3 oval eye patches to provide effective treatment for a range of eye injuries.

Here at Canadian Safety Supplies, we want to make sure your safety is our priority. That’s why we offer a wide range of Health Canada approved eye safety products that are designed to protect your vision in any workplace or home environment in Canada.

From single eye wash station bottles to eye wound treatment kits, our products are designed to be durable, effective, and easy to use. Contact us today to learn more about our eye safety products and how we can help you protect your vision.

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