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Eyewash & Eye Care Products

Eye Wash Station and Eye Wash Solution

Throughout Canada, First Aid Eye Care stations are required in settings such as classrooms and laboratories containing dangerous and corrosive chemicals; and in workplaces where the potential of injury to the eye is possible. Having the right emergency eye wash kit in your classroom or workplace can mean the difference between minor irritation and permanent, severe injury to the eyes. Is your workplace or classroom equipped to handle eye injury?



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Emergency Eye Wash Solution for Schools, Labs and Work Sites

Canadian Safety Supplies has been helping businesses, schools and institutional customers ensure the safety of their employees and students as well as help them meet Canadian workplace safety requirements throughout all of Canada, from Newfoundland to Vancouver. Each of our Emergency Eye Wash Stations is sterile and sealed, designed to quickly remove chemicals, debris and soothe irritation of the eyes. From emergency eye wash solution refills, to full wall-mountable eye wash kits, everything you need to ensure safety can be found with us. Browse our selection below to find the right first aid eye care products for your school, business or laboratory.

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