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Eye Wound Treatment Kit - Nylon Bag

Eye Wound Treatment Kit - Nylon Bag

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  • Dimensions:: 7.375”W x 4.625”H x 2.75"D
  • Material:: Nylon
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: CSS032BL
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Eye Wound Treatment Kit - Nylon Bag

With this portable eye wound treatment kit will give you confidence that you've chosen a safe, reliable means of relieving your eyes from itching, burning and discomfort. In urgent care situations, it quickly and safely flushes out irritants, dirt, chlorinated water and other loose foreign materials. . When used regularly, showering your eyes with Eye Wash helps to remove pollen, irritants or dirt that cause discomfort in your eyes. The results are eyes that feel noticeably better, many times from the first use.Nylon bag zippers closed with a easy grip wrist handle.
Dimensions: 7.375”W x 4.625”H x 2.75”DMaterial: Nylon
  • 5 Eyewash Solution Bottles (30 ml) Single Use
  • 3 Oval Eye Patch
  • 1 Plastic eye shield
  • 1 Plastic Eye Bath/Cup
  • 1 Nylon Wrist Bag

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