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Fire Blanket - 60" x 71"
Fire Blanket - 60" x 71" - Image 1 of 0
Fire Blanket - 60" x 71" - Image 2 of 0
Fire Blanket - 60" x 71" - Image 1 of 0
Fire Blanket - 60" x 71" - Image 2 of 0
Fire Blanket - 60" x 71" - Image 1 of 0
Fire Blanket - 60" x 71" - Image 2 of 0

Fire Blanket (Premium)- 60" x 71"

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FIRE BLANKET - 60" x 71" - Premium

Home fires are one of the most common emergencies experienced by Canadians. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are essential fire safety items in our homes, but no fire plan is complete unless you have an FAC Fire Blanket. It is an essential device that can save you and your home from disaster.

With over 25,000 fires per year in Canada, the key to saving your home is to act fast. Use the FAC Fire Blanket to safely eliminate a fire before it gets out of control.

Our wall mounted and compact fire blanket can be placed in an easily accessible area for quick use in case of fire. Just pull the tabs to release the blanket and toss it over the small fire to instantly suffocate it. Can also be used to wrap around your body and act as a heat shield.

No heavy equipment or complex instructions to follow, anyone from kids to the elderly can use it without any training. Our fire blanket is lightweight and ready to use right out of the pouch.

Fire extinguishers are essential and work great but they leave a white powdery mess after use, adding to an already stressful experience with a long clean up. The FAC fire blanket eliminates the fire and the mess.

The FAC fire blanket can be used on most fires that are small enough for the blanket to cover, including fires caused by grease, paper, wood, and even electrical fires.

Made of 100% compact structure fiberglass fabric it can be reused multiple times. It will never expire, as long as the blanket is in good condition and not damaged after use, you can wipe it off and fold it back into the pouch where it will be ready in case of a future fire emergency.

FAC fire blankets are ideal for the kitchen, fireplace, BBQ, shed or garage, vehicle, RV, boat, office, on camping trips and anywhere a fire can happen.

The Fire Blanket itself does not burn and thus is odorless.

  1. Take a release tape in each hand and pull on both downwards and outwards.
  2. Slowly drape the blanket over the flames to seal off air then, if appliance, switch off heat source. Leave in position until cool before removing.
  3. If clothing is on fire, force the victim to the ground. Wrap the fire blanket tightly around the person to extinguish flames. Seek medical assistance and treat for shock.

  • Made of 100% compact structure fiberglass fabric
  • Premium heavy-duty fiberglass blanket with sewn edges
  • Suitable for extinguishing small fires or burning clothes
  • Can be used as a radiant heat shield to aid in escaping fires
  • Comes in a nylon storage bag with hanging grommets
  • Quick release tabs for easy use in an emergency
  • Product Weight: 6.3lbs
• Color: White
• Thickness: 0.625"
• Dimensions: 60"x 72"
• Border: 3/4"
• Storage bag dimensions: 17 1/2" x 9 3/4"
• Maximum temperature: 550°c

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