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Looking for an alternative to candybars, why not consider First Aid Kits!

First aid kits offer a great usableproduct that shows supporters you care by helping them stay prepared for life’semergencies.

Features of Fundraising with FirstAid Kits

·FirstAid items are easy to sell

·Practicaluseful items make great purchases and gifts

·Noupfront payment, no contract

·Qualityproducts, no minimum orders

·Free Shipping for orders of $1000 or more, some conditions apply

·Great profits (40% or more)

Our First Aid Fundraising Program hashelped schools, charities, childcare, sports clubs, religious groups and othersraise funds for their respective causes. By offering a wide variety of FirstAid kits your team can select the best kit for your target audience. We provide sales sheets with pictures of the kits as well as anorder form to use when fundraising.
Canadian Safety Supplies offersquality products made right here in Canada.

Getting Started is Easy - Please contact Cindy, our fundraising specialist:



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