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Provincial First Aid Kits

Provincial First Aid Kits - Canadian Safety Supplies

Canadian Safety Supplies is your trusted source for high-quality Canadian Regulation first aid kits, including a wide range of plastic, metal and nylon cases. With our comprehensive selection, you can ensure that you have the essential kits on hand to meet provincial safety requirements.

Provincial Regulations First Aid Kits for the Workplace

Canadian first aid supplies kits for workplaceEnsure your work site has the equipment and supplies needed to provide first aid care in the event of workplace illness or injury. Province regulations specify minimum requirements that employers must fill as federal legislation does with type A, B, C First Aid Kits. In order to properly fill these requirements, employers should perform a site-specific assessment to identify potential hazards that employees are exposed to at the place of work. This hazard assessment will identify the individual needs of the workers in order to choose a first aid kit that not only meets provincial requirements but one that can properly handle the most likely problems to occur like:

  • injuries
  • illnesses

Each workplace first aid kit with regulated contents for Canada is designed to service a specific number of employees and includes all the required Canadian first aid supplies to meet or exceed provincial requirements. Looking for a more robust or custom first aid kit? Contact us today and one of our knowledgeable representatives will work with you from beginning to end to make sure you have everything you need. Get started with one of the following options:

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