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Quebec Deluxe Regulation Plus First Aid Station

Quebec Regulation Deluxe First Aid Station/ Trousse de Premiers Soins Deluxe

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Quebec Regulation Deluxe First Aid Station/ Trousse de Premiers Soins Deluxe

This kit meets and exceeds CSA Z1220 -2017 workplace first aid kit requirements for a low risk workplace with up to 100 employees.According to the CNESST the employer of an establishment must make sure that at least one individual trained in first-aid is present at all times during working hours where there are 50 or less workers on a shift and another first-aid trained individual for every additional 100 workers or fraction there of assigned to the shift.An adequate number of first-aid kits must be provided by an employer in his establishment. The kits must be placed as near as possible from the work premises, be easy to reach and available at all times.

For the most current regulations, refer to Section 4 and 5 of Division II of the Quebec Worker's Compensation Act.

Kit Contents:
100Antiseptic Wipes
50Alcohol Swabs
24 First Aid Antibiotic Ointment
30Hand Cleaning Towelettes
1Bottle of PEG Lotion
1Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide
5Gauze Pads 2" x 2"
50Gauze Pads 3" x 3"
5 Gauze Pads 4" x 4"
3 Trauma Dressing 5" x 9"
8 Pressure Bandage 4"
1Cotton Tipped Applicators (12)
8 Triangular Bandages
4 Conform Bandage 2"x 5yd
4 Conform Bandage 3" x 5yd
2Elastic Wrap Bandage 3"
1Emergency Blanket
1CPR Mask with One Way Valve
1First Aid Manual
1Metal Case
140 Adhesive Strips 3/4"
20 Adhesive Strips 1"
8 Fingertip Bandages
4 Adhesive Patch Bandage 2" x 3"
8 Knuckle Bandages
20 Junior Strips
2Roll of Adhesive Tape 1" x 10yd
1Paramedic Scissor 15.25cm (6")
1Tweezer/Forces - Metal
1Set of Safety Pins
16 Pairs of Vinyl Examination Gloves
2 Biohazard Waste Bags

100Serviettes antiseptiques
50Tampons d alcool
24 Onguent Antibiotique Premiers Soins
30Serviette Humide
1Bouteille de onguent PEG
1Bouteille de peroxide d hydrogene
5Compresses de gaze 2" x 2"
50Compresses de gaze 3" x 3"
5 Compresses de gaze 4" x 4"
3 Pansements traumatiques 5" x 9"
8 Bandage compressif 4"
1Applicateurs bout en cotton (12)
8 Bandage triangulaire
4 Bandage conforme 2"
4 Bandage conforme 3"
2Bandage Elastique 3"
1Couverture de secours
1Masque de reanimation avec valve anti retour
1Guide de secourisme
1Boitier en metal
140 Pansments adhesives 3/4"
20 Pansments adhesives 1"
8 Pansements pour bout de doigt
4 Pansements adhesifs 2" x 3"
8 Pansements pour articulations
20Rubans format junior
2Ruban adhesif 1" x 9.1m
1 Ciseaux Paramédicaux - 15.25 cm (6 po)
1Paire de pincettes metal
1Ensemble de epingles a surete
16 Paire de gants d examens en vinyl
2 Sac de Biohazard

Dimensions: 15”W x 10.5”H x 5"DMaterial: Metal cabinetWeight: 18 lbs.
100Antiseptic Wipes50Alcohol Swabs10First Aid Ointment30Hand Cleaning Towelettes1Bottle of PEG Lotion1Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide5Gauze Pads 2" x 2"5Gauze Pads 3" x 3" 25Gauze Pads 4" x 4" 5Trauma Dressing 8" x 10" 5Pressure Bandage 4"1Cotton Tipped Applicators (12)6Triangular Bandages 5Conform Bandage 2"5Conform Bandage 4"2Elastic Wrap Bandage 3"1Emergency Blanket1CPR Mask with One Way Valve1First Aid Manual 1Metal Case 100Adhesive Strips 3/4"25Adhesive Strips 1"10Fingertip Bandages10Adhesive Patch Bandage 2" x 3"10Knuckle Bandages10Junior Strips2Roll of Adhesive Tape 1"1Pair of Scissors 1Tweezer1Set of Safety Pins5 Pair of Vinyl Examination Glovesitems:100Serviettes antiseptiques50Tampons d alcool10Onguent Premiers Soins30Serviette Humide1Bouteille de onguent PEG1Bouteille de peroxide d hydrogene5Compresses de gaze 2" x 2"5Compresses de gaze 3" x 3"25Compresses de gaze 4" x 4"5Pansements traumatiques 8" x 10"5Bandage compressif 4"1Applicateurs bout en cotton (12)6Bandage triangulaire5Bandage conforme 2"5Bandage conforme 4"2Bandage Elastique 3"1Couverture de secours1Masque de reanimation avec valve anti retour1Guide de secourisme1Boitier en metal 100Pansments adhesives 3/4"25Pansments adhesives 1"10 Pansements pour bout de doigt10Pansements adhesifs 2" x 3"10Pansements pour articulations10Rubans format junior2Ruban adhesif 1"1Paire de ciseaux1Paire de pincettes1Ensemble de epingles a surete5 Paire de gants d examens en vinyl

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