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Quebec First Aid Kit Contents Requirements for CNESST Workplace Regulation Compliance

Quebec First Aid Kit Contents Requirements for Workplace Regulation ComplianceAccording to Quebec's CNESST Workplace Safety and Health Actan employer must provide and keep readily accessible the type, size, and number of first aid kits meeting the requirements set out in "CSA Z1220-17, First aid kits for the workplace".
The type and size of first aid kit required for a Quebec workplace is determined by the number of workers per shift as well as the level of risk of injury.The likelihood of harm as well as the severity of harm should be taken into consideration when determining workplace risk level.

For lone or isolated workers

For Low Risk Workplace Environment with

For High Risk Workplace Environment with

For Workplace Vehicles

Canadian Safety Supplies has been helping Quebec businesses ensure full compliance with all first aid requirements. We offer a complete line of CSA Type 1, 2 and 3 first aid kits that meet and exceed the CSA Z1220-17 requirements.



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