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Quebec First Aid Kit Contents Requirements for Workplace Regulation Compliance

Quebec First Aid Kit Contents Requirements for Workplace Regulation ComplianceIn the Province of Quebec, regulations state that certain first-aid related safety standards must be met in establishments and workplaces. According to the First-aid Minimum Standards Regulation Workers' Compensation Act (R.S.Q., c. A-3, ss. 53 par.10 and 124 par. z), the employer of an establishment must make sure that at least one first-aider is present at all times during working hours where there are 50 or less workers on a shift, and a second first-aider for every additional 100 workers (or fraction thereof) assigned to the shift. Quebec regulation first-aid kits must be visible, close to the workspace and accessible at all times. If workers are traveling in a motor vehicle, first aid kits must be provided if the vehicle carries more than five passengers and is more than 30 minutes from a medical service at any given time. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines to the employer, as well as putting employees and patrons of the business in danger, opening the business up to additional legal liabilities.

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Quebec Regulation First Aid Kits

Canadian Safety Supplies specializes in providing businesses with everything they need to meet the regulatory requirements for first aid safety in the province of Quebec. Our selection of Quebec Regulation First Aid kits ranges from the basics for a small, non-hazardous workplace to fully stocked deluxe first aid stations for larger, more hazardous workplaces. Each kit is designed with the components and medical supplies to fully meet Quebec’s first aid regulation kit standards.

Finding First Aid Kits for Quebec businesses doesn’t have to be difficult – meet compliance requirements and ensure the safety of your employees and customers with Quebec first aid regulation kits from Canadian Safety Supplies.

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