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Regulation First Aid Kits

Regulation First Aid Kits in Canada

Regulation First Aid Kits in Canada

All Canadian companies

are required by law to have a Regulation First Aid Kit, including the self-employed. Large companies, those in isolated areas or engaging in high-hazard work will have additional requirements for First Aid Supplies and Equipment; company and fleet vehicles also require a Vehicle First Aid Kit. The applicable regulations are summarized on our pages for your convenience, organized by jurisdiction: Federal or Provincial.

Why do you need a Workplace First Aid Kit?

You are responsible for the safety of your employees, and should they be injured on the job you must provide emergency care. You may be required to train a Safety Officer, maintain a First Aid Room, and have equipment to transport an injured employee to the Hospital. If you are operating in an isolated area, you may be required to treat more serious injuries on-site. For Service Industries, regulations generally cover only your employees – total number per work shift; we recommend including your customers when you determine which Regulation Kit you should buy. Canadian Safety Supplies also sells Refill Kits to ensure that your existing First Aid Kit continues to meet the statutory requirements, and that your Supplies are fresh and in date.

Tenders and Customized Kits:

Canadian Safety Supplies would be happy to quote on any tenders for First Aid Kits, Supplies and Equipment. As well, we can customize your First Aid Kits with your company logo or artwork, or with additional content specific to your needs; please contact us and our representatives will assist you with all your needs.

Great value:

Canadian Safety Supplies has a line of Deluxe Regulation First Aid Stations that exceed the bare minimum requirements, so you can be assured of having on hand the supplies needed to respond to any and all workplace accidents. Having your First Aid Kit up-to-date and compliant with First Aid statutes will give you peace of mind, protect you from costly lawsuits and OHS fines, but more importantly you could save a life!

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