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CPR Kits

Be Prepared with CPR Kits, Face Shields and Masks

Being prepared in an emergency is incredibly important in a life or death situation. When someone is in need of CPR, naturally we will want to help them; but as a rescuer, we also need to make sure we are protecting ourselves.

At Canadian Safety Supplies, we carry a variety of CPR kits that contain items to help the victim and protect the rescuer. As a rescuer, the use of a face mask or shield will protect from the possibility of having any liquids transferred from one person to the next during resuscitation.

Whether you are a professional rescuer or you just want to be prepared, having the right CPR kits during an emergency is key to keeping everyone safe. Take some time to explore our collection of CPR kits. If you can’t find what you need or are looking for additional support, contact us and we will be happy to help. We have trained specialists that will answer all your questions and help you find the best product for your needs.



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