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Emergency Preparedness & 72 Hour Survival Supplies

Disaster Survival Supplies for Canada

Disaster can strike at any time – from terrorist attacks, to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and hurricanes these tragedies unfortunately do happen. It’s critical to have emergency preparedness supplies on hand because it may take emergency responders some time to find you. A small amount of foresight goes a long way in ensuring your survival during a disaster. Canadian Safety Supplies offers a full line of 72 hour disaster survival kits and emergency preparedness supplies such as emergency food and water rations, emergency rescue blankets, hand crank flashlights and more so that you can be ready for any disaster that may strike.

Home & Vehicle Safety Supplies

We offer survival tools, emergency water and food rations, light sticks and more. During the recent tragedy in Calgary, many families did not have access to clean water. Canadian Safety Supplies offers emergency drinking water rations, so that if your area is affected by flood waters, you can still have access to clean, potable water. Emergency food rations, as well as first aid kits, ensure that you can treat injuries and provide food during a time of emergency. And our supplies go beyond just your home – with siphon cans, jumper cables and vehicle safety supplies to ensure that you are able to use – or escape – your vehicle when tragedy strikes.

Ensure that your family is able to battle any tragedy, with emergency supplies for Canadian residents from Canadian Safety Supplies. Browse below to find everything you need.