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First aid kit contents requirements for Yukon

As a business owner in Yukon. You have multiple requirements to follow to offer a safe environment in the workplace for every employee. You will need to adjust the content of your first aid station with the number of employees in each workplace. You need at least a personal kit as soon as you employ one person. If you exceed 3 employees you are required to procure a level one first aid kit for four to six workers and a level two station for seven workers or more. You can always exceed the size of the packages to offer more than the minimal requirements or to have what is required if you employ new workers.

You can find on our website approved kits and ready to be shipped to your door. Underneath you can browse our regulated first kit for Yukon and Nunavut:

First aid kit contents requirements for Yukon and NunavutOr our DELUXE regulation kit + first aid metal station.

First aid kit equivalencies

WSCB will accept any kit that matches the CSA first aid kit standards (CSA Z1220-17 First Aid Kits) or meets the minimum requirements in the Regulations. You can find more information on the minimum requirements here

The equivalency table below can be used for reference


CSA Standard

Level 1

Type 2: basic (any size)

Level 2

Type 3: intermediate (medium)

Level 3

Type 3: intermediate (large)



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