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Tape & Accessories

Tape & Accessories | Canadian Safety Supplies

Tape & Accessories are essential components of any first aid kit or medical facility, and Canadian Safety Supplies offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality options. From cloth tape to surgical tape and other first aid tapes, our wholesale first aid supply company provides reliable products to meet your specific needs.

Cloth tape is a versatile and durable adhesive tape commonly used in first aid applications. Canadian Safety Supplies offers cloth tape in various widths and lengths to accommodate different requirements. This type of first aid tape is ideal for securing wound dressings, splints, and bandages. Its strong adhesive backing ensures a long-lasting hold, making it suitable for high-mobility areas of the body.

Surgical tape is specifically designed for medical use and is essential for wound closure and sterile dressing placement. Canadian Safety Supplies offers surgical tape in different sizes and materials, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for different types of injuries. The hypoallergenic adhesive used in surgical tape minimizes the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions, making it suitable for a wide range of patients.

In addition to cloth tape and surgical tape, Canadian Safety Supplies also provides other types of first aid tapes to meet specific needs. These include transparent tapes for clear visibility of wound sites and waterproof tapes that adhere well even in wet conditions. With our variety of first aid tape options, you can find the perfect tape to suit your unique requirements.

The Tape & Accessories offered by Canadian Safety Supplies ensure reliable and efficient first aid care. These high-quality tapes provide secure adhesion, easy application, and gentle removal, minimizing discomfort and maximizing patient comfort. By having a selection of tapes in your first aid kit, you can address various injuries and situations effectively.

Choose Canadian Safety Supplies for all your first aid tape needs and trust in the quality and effectiveness of our best first aid products. Order online today.



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